Orgasms -N- God

***warning for mature audiences only, ALSO, it is never my intention to offend anyone for any reason from the discussion that may arise on this topic***

“Oh my God!!!”. Do those beloved words sound familiar. We say it all the time. But what about when we say it during an orgasm when two people have sex. I intend to talk on a very interesting subject. My goal is to make a point that one of the biggest “pieces” of evidence that God or “a God”, depending on how you look at it, HAS TO EXISTS BECAUSE OF THE WONDERFUL ORGASMS THAT WE ARE ABLE TO HAVE. I believe that we can all agree, including the atheists, that the orgasm is the best physical feeling in the world, all men and women can testify to that. So I believe it’s only fair to say that God at least has to exist.

Let’s take a look at SEX in general. Sex is probably the third most desired thing in the world coming behind MONEY AND POWER. Everybody loves it. It corrupts everything and everyone, women and men in being faithful in relationships, the everyday workplace, CHURCHES i.e. pastors, Christians, monks, Buddhists, Muslims, Jehovah witnesses etc. , POLITICIANS, family members, close “friends”. Something that typically only last about 30 minutes and then gracefully or sometimes violently is ended with most blissful, joyous, Heavenly, feeling that only a God can make, excuse me CREATE! I don’t think it’s a coincidence that a lot of us scream “Oh my God”, especially when we have a good one, when we have an orgasm. And we as a human race will do ANYTHING THAT WILL GIVE US ONE. We will twist, turn, flip, slip, rub, lick, pull, push, bite,climb, choke, spit, pound on each other bodies to get one. Just look at how some would deem “perverted” the world has become because of it. Look at oral sex, a lot of people believe that oral sex is down right nasty, but others believe it’s the next best thing besides sex itself. Look at how many people, gay or straight, are into anal sex. Look at the porn industry. That industry makes BILLIONS OF DOLLARS on pornĀ  yearly, and that’s just to WATCH other people have sex so they can achieve an orgasm. Oh, and we can’t forget our sex toy shops that rake in millions yearly, prostitution is everywhere. And do I dare mention how we as humans have become so evil, destructive, and so vile that we often times seem pardon our menĀ  touching inappropriately on our children or the catholic priests who get their orgasms by having sex with those innocent boys to “get their rocks off”…SMDH (Refer to warning at the top of post if you were offended). Yeah it’s most definitely perverted.

But that’s because the ORGASM feels so good.It’s the greatest physically feeling in the world. Only God could have created it. Think about it! The bible states that God is life, and God is love. I personally believe that the reason that the orgasm feels so good is because it is something that keeps life going when the male’s sperm interacts with the female’s eggs and producing offspring, thus keeping life going. It’s almost to say that we as humans are partaking in a Godly act, like we are “helping” Him/Her/It do the best thing that God knows how to do, love and create. So what do you think, do you believe that the wonderful feeling of an orgasm is “evidence” enough that God exists?